Stay Dry and Warm on those wet and cold days! The Side Shields will block most of the wind and rain. You will still get a little wind from the leg area but that's another project!



1. Make your ELF more secure - helps keep prying hands out of your ELF

2. Keeps the rain and snow out - your seat stays dry!

3. Keeps the rain and snow out - YOU stay dry!

4. Blocks the wind - no more cold drafts on the back of your neck


ELF Deluxe Side Shields

  • Feature List:


    • Marine grade clear and colored vinyl

    • Attaches with 3M Hook and Loop fasteners for easy installation

    • Zipper pulls on inside and outside for easy exit and enrty

    • Price is for a set of Side Shields - One for the Left side and one for the Right side of your ELF


    90 day warranty on parts and labor.

  • Temperature Range

    The Side Shields are rated from 115F (46C) down to 20F (-6C). Although they can be used below 20F they will become more rigid and may crack due to the extreme cold.


Tonka Products is committed to supplying the products you want. The president of Tonka Products owns an ELF and rides it to work every day. These products are a result of the features that he wanted but were not available. We hope that these products help you enjoy your riding experience as much as we do.

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