Stay Dry and Warm on those wet and cold days! The Side Shields will block most of the wind and rain. You will still get a little wind from the leg area but that's another project!



1. Make your ELF more secure - helps keep prying hands out of your ELF

2. Keeps the rain and snow out - your seat stays dry!

3. Keeps the rain and snow out - YOU stay dry!

4. Blocks the wind - no more cold drafts on the back of your neck


ELF Deluxe Side Shields

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  • Feature List:


    • Marine grade clear and colored vinyl

    • Attaches with 3M Hook and Loop fasteners for easy installation

    • Zipper pulls on inside and outside for easy exit and enrty

    • Price is for a set of Side Shields - One for the Left side and one for the Right side of your ELF


    90 day warranty on parts and labor.

  • Temperature Range

    The Side Shields are rated from 115F (46C) down to 20F (-6C). Although they can be used below 20F they will become more rigid and may crack due to the extreme cold.