More Information!

Demo video of the HAZARD lights and the FLASHING BRAKE lights with the ELF Informer.

Video showing the operation of the ELF Informer

Video showing the installation of the Side Shields

Installation video to replace the NuVinci cables

Video showing the removal of the rear wheel and freewheel sprocket replacement

Video showing the cleaning and oiling of the three chains on the ELF.

PDF Document showing how to crimp an SB-50 or SBS-50 connector without a crimping tool.

PDF Document showing you how to replace the back panel on your ELF.


Tonka Products is committed to supplying the products you want. The president of Tonka Products owns an ELF and rides it to work every day. These products are a result of the features that he wanted but were not available. We hope that these products help you enjoy your riding experience as much as we do.

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